Friday, September 30, 2005


Ahh, a day off...mostly. I got to spend most of the day just doing what I wanted, which in this case was to sleep late, visit Borders for my breakfast mocha & conversation, and work uninterrupted on my project. The whole thing is now primed and ready for color paint, and I am covered in white primer. I learned about using primer from the last project, "Bookcase with 18 Coats of Paint". It wasn't as disastrous as "Three-legged Table" but still a pain in the neck--the paint just sort of wiped off, and it was black going over white. At least I learn something from every faulty project though; I wonder what I'll learn from this one. I hope it's just the new skills I have with the power saws, drills, sanders and things and not learning-from-mistakes like the other ones were. Sturdy? Check. Primed? Check. So far so good.

Had to go to a bank meeting tonight that was awful in its mediocrity. Our new assistant manager has the worst grammar--she actually described herself as not being the "most smartest" person. Well, no shit...
She also says "ax" for "ask", "good" for "well", "like" for "as"...It drives me nuts. Exactly what do you have to have to be an assistant manager at a banking center? I'm sure she's competent with other stuff but it can't give customers as good impression of her or of the bank in general.

I've decided that October is going to be MY month at the bank, that I'm going to overcome all previous obstacles and prove that this month wasn't just a fluke. I figure if I work my butt off (like usual) for the first few weeks but in the right directions, than I can just coast through to the end instead of being stressed about meeting quotas. Because I liked the feeling of last week--having all my numbers met and just topping things off. If my drawer balances tomorrow, it'll be a perfect score for the month.

D is bad off tonight. He had his physical therapy this morning and it hurt him a lot, more than he admits I think. We picked up dinner to go from Friday's b/c I was at the bank so late and there wasn't food in the house. It was actually really nice; we sat at the bar while we waited and it was just like old times; there's something about those stools that brings out the flirt in both of us. Back when we both worked at the Westin and went out every night with Ginna and Felicia et al., Fridays was our main place. They gave me drinks when I was just 19 and I will always like them for that. (Certainly not for their food though.) I just put D to bed with a codeine and some water...he was making suggestions about what we'll do when he's capable again. I guess that bar-stool effect lasts awhile. I so much want him to be feeling better, for his sake and for mine too. Because it's been awhile.

I just remembered, I've got Saturday off as well! I'll know I'll pay for it next week, working Monday straight through Saturday, but a whole weekend! wow. If the weather stays dry like this, then it's paintin' time. I've got the paint chips in my bag--a wonderful dark-chocolate color and a brilliant cranberry. So I see all colors in terms of food, is that so bad? The cabinet will be mostly brown, the desk-top mostly red.


Benjamin said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend off. Thanks for coming by the store. It's always great to see you. Oh, and someday you'll have to teach me all about the storied art of furniture making. I'd love to know how. The store bought stuff is too pricey, and besides, there's so much intrinsic value added to the piece when you've done it yourself.

Mara said...

I haven't saved any money so far...this thing has cost me maybe twice what a desk set from IKEA would cost. Instrinsic value yes, though. It's certainly fun. And I love going by Borders.