Thursday, September 29, 2005

Banking purgatory

How can a job be so difficult, scary, and complicated while still being so BORING? I got four referrals today (count 'em!) which brings me in one month from the worst at the branch to the best. Go figure. Getting referrals was the one thing I could never really grasp, and now I have it...I think I've out-grown my job and I haven't even finished a year yet. That's never happened before; heck, I was a barrista (Borders) for longer than that before I felt so hemmed in. Maybe that's because I was also in school then so I had that other challenge or focus in my life, and right now the bank is all I have to concentrate on. Too much mind for the task I guess; I do everything by rote.

Today was one of those hell-days when half the staff was out (sick, sick, day off, day off, day off, training) so we were down to a skeleton crew. Somehow over the summer I went from being one of the least-experienced teller to one of the most. Like a pupa/larval type transition. It only means I help other people all day, and I don't have the patience for that stuff. If I did, I'd be a teacher like my dad or something. My hope is to move to one of the areas of the bank that deals with tracking down fraudulent stuff--it's like solving little financial mysteries. My favorite thing to do at the bank is help other tellers when their drawers are out of balance; it's a game I call Find the Money. Is it in your checks? Your twenties? Your coin vault? Fraud would be like that without dealing so much with Other People. I've somehow become a misanthrope.

On a brighter side, though, I have tomorrow mostly off. Why do they always schedule the meeting for my off-day? I have to go in at 6:30 in the evening--some day off! But the rest of the day will be nice. I've had to delay work on the desk due to weather; too humid and rainy to paint. Also, I feel wierd working in the garage at night with the door up because I'm so illuminated in the dark; like I'm onstage or in a diarama or something. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable even though I'm just constructing because I can't see out but anyone can see in. Tomorrow I shall go to Borders for a mocha, Home Depot (it's my new habit) and then work on the desk all day and see where I get.


Benjamin said...

So, if banking is such a drag, why don't you take up mud wrestling? It's VERY challenging, and if you're any good at it, the monetary rewards can be staggering. I'd be happy to manage you. Maybe they'll make a movie based on our adventures; sort of like The Million Dollar Baby. Except for the ending. Hillary Swank would make a great mudwerestling Mara. And I'd love to be played by Clint Eastwood. That would rock! But they'd probably get Kenneth Branagh, instead. Which is also cool.

Mara said...

MUD WRESTLING?? What late-night TV have you been watching?

Mara said...

I really like Kenneth Branagh though.