Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day Off!

Thursdays… I love Thursdays! It's always been one of my favorite days of the week, and now it’s my off-day from the bank, too. Just got back from taking the dog on the Long Walk: the trek to and from the Starbucks that’s about a mile and a half from home. Is there anything better than a long walk, an icy coffee drink, and a cold shower? We used to do it all the time, but between working mornings and it being so insufferably hot all summer, it’s become an occasional thing. Now that fall’s coming, we’ll do the Long Walk more often, I bet.
D is going to (to!)New Orleans next weekend: the hotel company that he works for (Omni) is the HQ right now for the police, army and Red Cross people there and they need engineers like him to get the hotel semi-operable. I suggested going with him since they need people for all sorts of stuff but he didn’t like that idea at all. This is a complete double standard since I know that he volunteered to go to save his boss from going three weekends in a row. He had to have a ton of vaccination shots yesterday, and came home from work all bandaided across the arms in Snoopy etc. I like colorful Band-Aids; life is too short for plain beige and they make me feel very cared-for. D hasn’t had so many shots since he was in the Army and he’s all sore now, poor baby.
I went to bed late last night b/c right when I was about to go, one of my favorite movies came on TV—The American President. I love it and if you’ve never seen it well, shame on you! It’s so funny and sweet and romantic. And Michael Douglas is very attractive in it. (Why? Why are he and Bruce Willis and above all Harrison Ford so yummy? Why is D 16 years older than I am? I have an excellent relationship with my father, Dr. Freud, but thanks for asking. I guess character is sexy.) That’s what I don’t like about having to list your favorite books and movies off the top of your head—you forget half the ones you like and get a crick in your neck trying to see your bookcase from the couch. Well, I must go now and do laundry and visit my bookstore. And clean the fish-tank for real this time.

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