Saturday, September 24, 2005

No hurricane after all.

Yay! Finally made some table-progress: I cut the wood (with a little help) and screwed the base cabinet together. Tomorrow after breakfast the drawer-slides go in, the back goes on, and I'll start building the drawers. The only bad part was that I broke the special counter-sinking drill bit that D bought me. It just snapped in half. I told my parents about learning to use the circular saw but they were pretty negative...kept acting as though I was going to lose a limb.

"D realizes you're left-handed, doesn't he?"--as though we haven't been together five years now.
"You're not using that thing without supervision, are you?"--um, why wouldn't I?

Work wasn't too bad either; not much business b/c everyone was scared of the hurricane and we all went in on some pizzas which really made my Saturday. Usually we all starve as there are no lunch breaks Saturday.

The only bad part of today was the utter lack of a hurricane. So much hype, so little action...I was kind of hoping for a nice big storm, lots of rain and wind and darkness. Oh well.

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Benjamin said...

"The only bad part of today was the utter lack of a hurricane."
-- Mara Cohen

I suspect that's probably the first time such words have been uttered (or written).

That really made me cackle. :)