Friday, September 23, 2005

Ben and Jerry's

Not a bad day at all, really! Got to do the Long Trek with Alice this morning, and she made friends with some of the guys at Starbucks when we got there. Got not one but three referrals at work and balanced as well, plus it wasn't as horrendously busy as I feared. Got my power-saw lesson from D--that stuff is harder than it looks, for sure! After two physical therapy sessions, he's ever so slightly better; the fear of neck surgery has him putting his all into it.

Now, there's chicken 'n'rice in the oven and Ben and Jerry's in the freezer. Is there any better ice cream than Ben and Jerry's? It's another thing I miss from Vermont (where it's from). It's because it's so chunky, and I love chunky ice cream. Why have plain chocolate if you can have chocolate with white chocolate chunks, dark chocolate chunks, and two kinds of nuts? That's New York Super Fudge Chunk.

And no, I don't feel so much guilt about getting people to get credit cards. How they use them is their own business. What I wish is that the bank offered personal-banking classes; maybe to offset ovrdraft fees the way you can take dfensive driving to get out of a ticket. People just don't get how banking really works. Thy could include credit cards in the class maybe.

I re-vamped the design for my house-quilt to include a tree-house block, a castle block, a hobbit-hole block, a house-boat's lots of kinds of houses.

Tomorrow: finish cutting my plywood; predrill holes, start cutting the quilt. Why have one project going when you can have three?


Benjamin said...

When you finish your quilt, will you please mail me pictures?

And I'm really in suspense about your woodworking project!

So much going on!

Mara said...

Heck, I'll show you the quilt itself!