Monday, September 26, 2005

Dylan and drama

The dogs just stole the T-bone off the counter and D is yelling at them--drama everywhere! The fact that he was going to give that bone to them later is apparently irrelevant. Work...well, it was Monday. Is that enough? It turns out that the girl I'm not so crazy about (who's quitting/getting fired) doesn't like dogs, or any animals at all really. Can I judge character or what? In the span of 15 minutes she told me that she wanted a big SUV and a tiny tea-cup Yorkshire terrier--because it's the only dog she likes. Because she can put it in her purse. Sometimes people say things to me that I really have no answer for. (Like, WHY???)

Tonight was the first half of the PBS miniseries on Bob Dylan. That would have been such an interesting time to live though or grow up in...I kind of envy my parents that sometimes. I wonder if in retrospect this era will be just as interesting and my kids could feel the same way. I love Dylan.

My cabinet is coming along great; hit a snag tonight though b/c it needs some caulk. D said he had a caulking gun so all I bought (in my now-daily trip to Home Depot) was the special painters' latex caulk. I can remember a time in the distant past when if I was buying specialty latex products it wasn't for woodworking projects...Anyways.
Came home: no caulk gun after all! Argh. Tomorrow I don't have to be at work till 11 so I can work on it then--if I don't decide to skive off and go to Borders instead for a mocha-and-browsing session.


Benjamin said...

Yeah. It's hard to argue with Dylan. Thanks for the woodworking updates. It's like watching a mini-series on TV. What will happen next?

Mara said...

Ah, I'm not cute-n-perky enough to have my own HGTV show. That's the pre-req for cable...the medium that brought us Rachel Ray.

Benjamin said...

Oh, and umm ... specialty latex products, eh?

Mara said...

No comment. ;)