Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dream liabilty

So it turns out that D is not going to be gone for just one week, but for every other week indefinitely, alternating weeks in New Orleans and weeks here with his boss. He claims that this is how he described the situation to begin with, but it’s not—he clearly said “a weekend”, which somehow became a week, which is now several individual weeks. I’m going to need to find more projects, I guess.
Last night I dreamt that he left me for some other girl and woke up mad. I think that if someone pisses you off in your dreams that you have every right to be upset with them even if in “reality” they haven’t done anything. Otherwise, what’s the subconscious for? It’s telling you stuff; in this case probably the abandonment of my being left alone in Texas again while he goes to NO. A very long time ago (well before we were dating), D and I went camping together, and I dreamt then that he cheated on me with a tall brunette. It was very vivid and I woke up pretty mad. D tried to argue that as we weren’t going out nothing he did could be considered cheating, and that it was just a dream to begin with. Like that’s any kind of logic…typical man. He even tried to argue that my unconscious possessiveness of him might indicate romantic interest. By now he’s used to it and usually knows not to misbehave in my subconscience. As an aside—never go camping with that close guy friend who wants to be going out with you but isn’t—it may sound fun but it’s just ten kinds of trouble.
We went out today and got four new tires for my car, plus an oil change. I almost cried—400 dollars on something so mundane and un-enjoyable. It had to be done though; the old ones were bald and I was a good 2,000 miles overdue for the oil. At least now it doesn’t have the mud/snow tires on it from Vermont but regular all-weathers. Better for gas mileage and I need that pretty badly. Tonight is dinner at Mom and Dad’s which is usually fun although I know they’re going to get onto us about not having set a date for the wedding. I guess we should get moving on that but I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to weddings and stuff. If only we could just show up and have it all set.
I get to work all closing shifts at the bank this week—9 till 6:30. This is great compared to getting there at seven in the morning and getting off at 2 or 3, as there’s not so much to do in the afternoons and I can sleep in a little.

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Benjamin said...

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't HAVE a sub-conscious. Now excuse me while I go start up my penis ... I mean my CAR!"
- Patrick from "Coupling"