Friday, September 09, 2005


So last night, I tried to make a nice dinner: tilapia, corn salsa, broccoli. This is the easiest homemade meal ever; it cooks in 12 minutes and is pretty healthy too. But the corn salsa from Central Market was bad. Spoiled, turned, off. Gross. I can’t believe they were selling it like that--it couldn’t be that day’s batch! This has really shaken my confidence in CM and I love that place! Anyone who has a ‘thing’ for food would, and it’s halfway between my home and Borders—what could be better? I could spend hours in the produce department if it weren’t so cold in there.
I have decided to use the time that D is out of town to do a nifty craft project for the apartment involving building a desk for the laptop and a screen-type thing to stand behind it, with words on it. I need to gather quotes from friends to get the effect that I want. D will be so surprised when he gets home. This is a much better idea than last time, when I used the time he was gone to go on a juice-fast. It wasn’t so enjoyable and as far as I can tell had no effect whatsoever.
Usually D and I have an arrangement in which I design things and he builds them, but after the three-legged coffee table debacle I’ve lost some faith in the system. (He added an extra leg to my design to stabilize it but it still wobbles. It’s in the garage waiting for leg number 5. So sue me—I’m not an engineer.) So, he won’t expect me to build any furniture while he’s battling E. coli and etc in New Orleans. (I’m going with a very non-funky 4-legged design this time.)
I think I’ve discovered the main problem/ catch-22 of blogging—you’re supposed to share it with other people but the closer I am to anyone the less I like the idea of their reading my blog. How honest and personal could I be if my work-friends/fiancĂ©/little sister/mom had access to it? I’d feel so limited in what I could say without being accountable for it. I feel more comfortable sharing it with people who aren’t a part of my day-to-day life.

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Benjamin said...

As I am not really a part of your day-to-day-life (just Thursdays, usually), feel free to keep blogging in my direction. I won't judge you. I'll just laugh at you. ;) And I enjoy what you write.