Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Floating fish

Last night I dreamt that D and I were cleaning the aquarium and the fish just floated out: they could swim in the air as though it was water. It sounds like a cool dream but it wasn’t: every time we caught one fish to return it to the tank another one got out, and the cat kept going after them…this is why I don’t do hallucinogenic drugs...
I guess I should just be glad that I’m sleeping again. I know now why I couldn’t sleep before, though: my little sister was in a bad accident last week. She was fine, just a little bruised; the other guy was fine, even her puppy is ok. The car is totaled. I guess I kind of put it out of my mind since everything was ok, but now I keep thinking about it…the guy ran a red light and plowed into her side of the car, right into the engine…what if he’d hit her door instead—a split-second difference? Or if she wasn’t buckled up? She’s got a row of bruises across her waist where the belt held her in…I’m really freaked out by the whole thing. D says to let it go, obsessing and worrying about it won’t protect her or anybody else, but it’s just the way I am. I didn’t even realize that it was bothering me.

On another note, why is banking such a difficult concept for people? Everybody banks. Deposits, withdrawals, check-cashing, transfers…is this so hard? Try this out.

1. If you don’t have it, don’t spend it: a checking account is not a credit card. If you go past your balance and the bank extends funds to you, you will pay dearly for that privilege. At World Dominion Bank, it’s 34 dollars a pop, up to five times a month.
2. To get money or information from you account, you have to show ID. The more money you want, the more ID you have to show. Don’t go to the bank without your driver’s license or check card.
3. Don’t use the bank to do stuff you can do online, over the phone, or at the ATM. Why do people wait in line and clog up operations to check their balance?
4. Whatever your money problems are, they aren’t the bank teller’s fault. If we hold your check, it’s probably because you don’t have good credit with the bank. If you have 2 dollars to your name, that 5,000 check isn’t going to clear right away.

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