Sunday, September 25, 2005

Home Depot Day

Oh, that time of the month best known as, "well, at least I'm not pregnant..." I think my back is giving D's a run for his money. Arrrrgh.

Had a nice breakfast out with D, followed by a trip to the Home Depot. This is becoming an every other day event now. Spent the rest of the day working on the Desk: installed drawer slides, put the back on the cabinet, started working on the desk top. It's so weird to see something actually make the jump from my graph-paper pad to reality like this is. I just wish that I had tomorrow off from work too. A whole weekend would be so nice and peaceful, plus I could get so much stuff done.

I realized today one of the wierd things about the age gap between D and me; the music. What to me is classic rock is what he grew up with, so when the radio plays some B-side song that isn't played often, I have no idea what it is but he's singing along. Because he remembers it. Wierd.

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