Friday, September 16, 2005


Work was just weird in that floaty, disconnected way that exhaustion creates. I'm just praying that nothing I did will come back to haunt me; bad checks cashed, checks unsigned, etc. It's a miracle that I balanced my drawer at all--I came out a thousand dollars over at first because another teller gave it to me but forgot to sell it--the procedure that transfers the funds in the system from her drawer to mine. Luckily this made her a thousand short, so that was easy to fix. Still: rookie mistake that I usually wouldn't be involved in. I've been quizzing D about his tools and it turns out that his saws can't make bevels, so I'm back to the drawing board...but I love the drawing board so that's ok.

D and I have been invited to a Mexican wedding reception tomorrow night. Meaning not that it will actually take place in Mexico, only that the people, food, music, drinks, etc will be of Mexican origin. The only drawbacks are that we've never actually met anybody involved except the bride's sister, one of my co-workers. She just invited the entire bank yesterday. It sounds so fun, but I don't know if D will be up for it and I have nothing appropriate to wear to a wedding! My only dress is very "springy".

KK has created an issue by trying to give money in exchange for all the dog-sitting and etc. She felt bad about coming in so late last night to pick up her puppy even though I explained that an hour later we were up again anway. D was royally offended though (because he loves that dog and because she's family) and insisted that I return the $$, which she refused to take--this was just now, after he went to bed. Yes I realize that was before nine--the guy was up all night and is now on muscle relaxers. I'm going to bed soon myself--in bed before 10 on a Friday night: have I become suddenly old? Anyway, the $$ is in my purse now. KK said I should keep it but tell D that I didn't. I would have fought harder but her dog did just destroy another pair of my shoes and I really need new ones now. (She got the boots last month.)

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