Saturday, October 01, 2005

Migraine hell

I think migraines are one of those things that you forget about until it's too late. I only get them maybe four or five times a year and it's been months since the last one, so yesterday I wasn't prepared when it came our of the blue. One minute I'm at work, happy and energetic, the next thing I know...pain. The kind of pain that I forget is out there until it happens again.
I think it is part of the universe's way of keeping us on our toes and from getting too arrogant. "What? you had plans for this weekend that didn't involve going to bed at 8:30, "sleeping" (HA!)until 10:00, and not coming out of this fog of pain and nausea until mid-afternoon the next day?" Ha! I laugh in the face of your plans!"

(For some reason the universe/God/voice-in-my-head sounds like either Mrs. Black from high school or Mel Brooks, depending. The Mel Brooks is especially annoying, life having my life directed by some little man a la Wizard of Oz. If he starts wearing costumes, I'm getting medicated.)

So, everything I was going to do yesterday and today, like eating dinner, going to Home Depot, writing my blog, saving the earth, etc., had to be postponed and replaced with writhing in pain and yelling at D for, hmm, bringing me medicine and things. He was walking loudly or something...I can't remember. It's all foggy. On the bright side, they usually last around 24 hours, which it has been now, and only every few months, so maybe that was it for a while. I hope I'm not pushing my luck to say that. (Mel Brooks is laughing at me.)

Now, it looks like not much will happen in the garage b/c tomorrow I was going to make a apple-cake to over-night to my grandma for Rosh Hashanah-- the Jewish New Year for any goyim out there--which is early next week. I was torn between the cake and cookies, but it should be ok, right? Overnight? She says the food served where she lives is awful even if it is kosher. Probably because it is. I hope that when I'm 94 I'll be as tough and present as she is.

Erin, if you're reading this, I just realized that Mrs. Black from high school IS PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL! I've known all along but just realized's why she felt so familiar from that first book! What do you think? Can't you see her in the stern black robes and hat?


Benjamin said...

So, the voices of Mel Brooks and Minvera McGonnagal are rolling around in your head AND you have delusions of "saving the earth" ...
very, very interesting. Now, get comfy on that couch and tell Dr. Benny about your childhood... ;)

Actually, migraines sound horrible. I've never had one, but I pity those who have.

Hope you feel better, luv.

Benjamin said...

Incidentally, my "voice of God" sounds like John Candy.

Mara said...

You say delusions because you only know my mild-mannered alter-ego. And I hear my high-school teacher, who doesn't have a Scottish/ British accent. My childhood: so far, so good...