Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Acorns and Doppelgangers

I got to take Alice on the Long Trek this morning. We're loving this autumn least, Texas' version of fall. I forget every year that she eats acorns until it's acorn season again, and I realize afresh what a truly weird dog I have. She loves them.

At the bank there was some young guy from the alarm company testing and re-wiring all of our alarms (dozens, literally). I hate it when people say "literally" when they really mean "figuratively". It's one of my peeves. I mean that there are at least 2 dozen individual alarms in the bank. It was strange because we have an all-female staff and we talk, know, everything, especially in the back working drive-through. This guy was super quiet and kept creeping up on us, so he caught quite a bit of interesting girly conversation...I think he's scared of us now. Usually the only guy we see in the back is Vance-our-fix-it-guy. He's totally used to us and nothing would faze him. He's there all the time because the bank is falling apart at the seams. (figuratively.) Vance fascinates me a little because he's a freakin' doppelganger for D. Not just because their jobs and abilities are similar...they even look and sound similar, and their minds work alike (in what I've seen, obviously I don't know as much about V's mind.) I once was telling Vance about something D did--b/c he (V) was squished into my workspace replacing a switch--that involved D getting an electrical shock;

"There was this chest-freezer in the hotel, back in the day when we both worked there, that had somehow become electrified. Engineering was called--D--and somebody explains that anytime somebody touches this freezer, they get shocked. D tests this by immediately reaching for it, and getting zapped."

Vance's response is this: "Is your boyfriend a Gemini? We Geminis have to find things out for ourselves."

Well, D is a Gemini, actually. Weird. Doppelgangers. Anyways, it turns out that half of our under-counter alarms, the ones we would hit if being robbed, weren't working. I feel so safe and secure now. What other safety features are completely defunct?

I made chicken-fettuccini-broccoli-alfredo tonight--pretty good. Pre-prepared sauce, though. I have to be at the bank 10:30 tomorrow. Will we do Long Trek again, or go to Borders, or stay home and sleep in? The possibilities for a late morning are endless...


Benjamin said...

Electro-shock fridges. The cure for the incorrigible overeater.

Mara said...

Haha. Actually it was sitting on a live wire.