Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy New Year, Ya'll

Not what I'd call a great weekend, really. Spent Sunday working on the desk and was relaxing between paint coats when I suddenly remembered the cake I wanted to bake for my grandma. It's about 7pm when I call mom and dad for the recipe (confusion all around; there are three apple-cake recipes on the page I remember and dad doesn't bake) and rush to the store.
Tom Thumb inspires my rath by 1) not having Rosh Hashanah cards in their card section and 2) not having the good, refrigerated kind of pickles. I mean come on, people, this isn't that hard. I can't be the only one who forgot to buy her grandma a New Year's card the day before the holiday, can I? And Tuna Mac isn't very good without the pickles. They add the crunch and salt.

I stayed up past midnight making the cakes and got up this morning sore to the bone and tired still. I guess spending so many hours kneeling and squatting on the concrete garage floor is affecting my joints and things. It's fun painting but I am going to be more careful from now on--my back, knees, neck...everything hurts.

Between D's grumpy pain, the mess here in the apartment, the season change... I'm definitely feeling the down-swing of the old up-n-down. I've got this anxious nervousness in my gut (really) like I've forgotten to write a paper or something, this free-floating dread that I can't place. What am I waiting for? D thinks it might just be him stressing me out and he's probably right, but it's an awful feeling. It's funny, fall is my favorite season but I can practically time my blues to the decreasing light, even here in sunny Texas.

This is the beginning of a fresh season, a new year, but I'm not feeling it yet. Maybe because we aren't going to temple services this year, or because I've always associated the fall semester with the new year and I'm still adjusting (after two years!) to not being in school. Maybe clearing out the apartment, finishing the desk and moving it upstairs, and starting for real on the quilt will clear my mind and reset.

Now, the cake is sent (garuanteed delivery by noon tomorrow) and I am about to go to bed (early) and I've just had a long, hot, bubbly bubble bath so I'm a little better. I think I will try to tackle the apartment this week because it's getting me down. A little yoga, some hot tea, and a long sleep and I'll probably wake up sunny again. Here's hoping! :)


Benjamin said...

I know so very little about Jewish customs and holidays. Thanks for being Jewish. You can teach me so much. It's all thoroughly fascinating. And just how devout are you? And, yes, I changed my blog, but I'm finally satisfied with it. And, yes, I sent you the evite. I'll send it again.

Benjamin said...

And I hope your joints feel better. You earned that bubble bath!

Mara said...

Any time!

Not devout at all in a practicing, goes-to-temple, knows-a-lot sense. I just wasn't raised that way. But enough to know major holy days, etc.