Monday, October 31, 2005


Wow, did work suck today. Frantically busy and I came up $200 over at the end of the day. Balancing my drawer is my pride and joy at work so this is a sore blow. I hope it comes to light tomorrow. Plus we had to be in costume, so I had to explain mine many times. At least my cookies were very popular--of all the pot-luck stuff brought in, they were the first thing gone. Nobody I work with bakes.

I have come to the startling realization that I need to lose a little weight again. I pulled on my "big comfy size 10" cordoroys yesterday (cuz of the period) and now they fit perfectly. So, I am swearing off the following for awhile:

Starbucks and Borders mochas etc.
cream sauces

Until they are baggy again like they should be. No need to go blimping out now. This will dovetail nicely with my twin goal of NOT SPENDING MONEY on nonnecessities. My finances are not in good shape. This month my Discover card is being grounded. It's going to SIT IN THE CORNER for the month and think about what it's done. It's been very bad. So, oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and green tea at Borders until I'm flush and svelte. Or at least until the size 10's are appropriately baggy again and my DC balance is zero.

Eddie Izzard has a great skit about public speaking being 80% how you say it. I know he's right because we're watching Bill Maher. I actually agree with Bill on maybe 90% of his stuff, but I don't like the guy because of how he says it. Same with Dennis Miller. They're so angry and whiny. Why can't liberals be funny without being so damn self-righteous? I guess they're not really worse than the conservatives--it's just that I turn them off before I can even get mad.

But, tomorrow's a day off! I think I'll....decide tomorrow how to spend it. Mmmm. And tonight is nice. D built a fire--he's great with fire--and it's a nice cool night. If there's one thing I like about our apartment, it's having a fireplace on All Hallow's Eve; I think it sounds better that way. Spooky. Eventhough it's just a beautifully quiet evening. Ah well.


Benjamin said...

Actually, isn't Dennis Miller a conservative now? Doesn't he work for FOX?

And I'm glad that you're taking up green tea. Good tasting and good for you. Anti-oxidants, etc.

Mara said...

Ah, I've always liked green tea, just not as much as a mocha.

Dennis Miller is on CNBC but he did seem to go conservative recently.