Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dinner debates

Monday is Columbus day! I didn't realize, but it means I get a three-day weekend, because I get Saturday off again. Wow! If there's one nice perk about working for the bank, it's getting all the bank holidays off. I can use the time to finish the desk, clean up the apt. (still!) and start working on Halloween costumes for D and me. Fun stuff, except for the cleaning. It makes the rest of the week easier, seeing that coming up. And I can wear my costume to work on Halloween! There's even a contest.

I realized that dinner has actually become a stressor between us. When I was working all morning shifts, I had the afternoons free and used them to go to the store and cook. D made dinner 2 nights a week supposedly, although I don't remember him filling that quota often. But since I got switched to later shifts, getting dinner on is harder and requires more forethought if we want to eat before 10. So last night, I proposed that instead of just winging it, we decide ahead of time who cooks when and when we go out, so that I'm not annoyed about wanting to eat out and getting something else, or both of us wanting dinner but not to cook...

Since I made the pot-pie last night, tonight was D's turn, which he solved by taking me to On the Border. It was really yummy...mmmm. It was nice knowing all day that I wouldn't have to drag my tired self to Tom Thumb and glare at people (because 9 hours at the bank makes me misanthropic) and cook in an already-messy kitchen. I don't mind making the bigger contribution, because I'm the better cook and I cook healthier stuff generally. I just want him to help. Planning ahead is a help.

Why the hell do we still celebrate Columbus, anyways? Introducer of slavery, colonialism, and disease to this continent; spendid, really. Can't we move on as a culture to more appropriate icons?

So, two more days at work till a three-day weekend, in my second-favorite month of the year. It's all good.

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Benjamin said...

A) Hear! Hear! Right on, Mara, as usual, about those tired old icons like Colombus.

B) Your 3 day weekend makes me jealous.

C) And what's your favorite month of the year? And why?