Thursday, October 20, 2005

No more margaritas.

Hmmm. I have realized retrospectively that my last post might have been misleading in a wink-wink sort of way. I didn't mean that I was happy in a "yay-D's-back-in-my-bed" sort of way; if that were the case I'd come right out and say so as is my style, so to speak. He's been feeling a little better lately though and has been in a better mood, which is certainly contagious. And of course I'm exited at the prospect of having a week's vacation. My super-good moods worry me a little in the same way that the depression does just because I can't tell where it's coming from either way. Why am I feeling down today, or why am I so giddy? It's two sides of the same coin. Both sides are mild and stable enough not to be anything nameable, like manic depression or something.

I went out last night with a friend from work with a big bunch of her friends to this place that gives away margaritas because they have no liquor liscense yet. I had three small ones (not those huge mugs or anything) but for me that's a whole lot b/c I have no alcohol tolerance at all. Any drug tolerance, actually. I find it quite convienent most of the time, but then I've never been anywhere that refills your margarita glass when it's empty as though it's iced tea or water. I came home buzzed and happy and D laughed a me a bit in a kindly sort of way.

Unfortunately the feeling didn't last; I couldn't sleep for anything and had bad nightmares, woke up with a headache that lasted most of the day. A sinus headache, not a hangover.

Went to Borders, bought two new Agatha Christies and a mocha. I read one while I was there too but it read funny; very stiff-sounding and not like the others I'd read. Turned out that it was actually an adaptation by someone else from a play that she wrote, which explains a lot. You can't really adapt a play into a novel very well. Christie always has insights into people's thoughts (what's that called, omnicient something) and this book was all conversation and observation, plus it all seemed to take place in one room-the set. Also explains why the plot was so easy to figure out that I got it in one.

Online today I found the work of this girl who does Harry Potter artwork--it's so good! She's only 19 and lives right in my neck of the woods (or endless suburbia). Link to her site:

I'm going out with my best friend soon, she should be here to pick me up in a little while. I haven't seen her in some time so we've got a lot to catch up on. It's funny that we're still good friends because we're as different as could be in a lot of respects. But we've been BBF's since seventh grade pretty much (back when we said stuff like that) and it's always good to talk to her, even if she did vote for Bush. Twice. I think that we'll stick to coffee and stay away from margaritas tonight though.

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Benjamin said...

Love the HP artwork. No pics of Lockhart though. :(

Missed you at the store. I closed. Once again, you must've burned rubber through another book!

And I will no longer search for hidden meanings in your blogs!

However, feel free to search for all kinds of arcana in mine.