Saturday, October 15, 2005

Field of Dreams

Watching Field of Dreams right now...what a good movie. Right now Kevin Costner is trying to kidnap James Earl Jones using his finger as a gun. Yesterday I had a James Earl Jones sound-alike in the bank. I almost mentioned it but then I figured he probably gets that a lot. (Did you know you sound like Darth Vader?)

I don't know if I would be as patient as the wife in this movie. I'd be more,
"what do you mean you want to plow under the corn and build a professional baseball diamond for ghosts to play ball on? Are you NUTS?"

I got a letter today from Grandma thanking me for the apple-cake I sent for the new year. She said she's been trying to call me, which I thought was weird (I haven't gotten any unknown calls lately) until she wrote the number--it's half mine and half my parents' which doesn't add up to a whole number at all. I don't know how much she knows about cell phones so she might be leaving messages on some stranger's message machine. I'll write her back with the right number Monday. If only she had email!

Now Costner's just walked out of a motel room right into the past, to interview Moonlight Graham. What's great is that I never see this movie all the way though, so I don't remember what happens next.

Today actually went really smoothly at the bank. No real problems, no terrible customers, nothing. I could use more shifts like that. I'm really looking forward to my vacation week. Getting stuff done, lazing around, making my Halloween costume; it'll be great. And I'll get paid for it. Never in my life have I had paid vacation.

D was just telling me about something he read in the paper about how men with potbellies (like him) cheat less on their wives. I think this is probably true, but he doesn't like my view that guys like him just have fewer options. They look more happily-married and well-fed. I don't think I could trust a married guy with a six-pack--why is he trying so hard?

I love how this movie treats time as something plastic, so that a driver in the late 80's can pick up a hitchhiker from the 20's. Past and present are intermingled seamlessly. It's all about tying up loose ends and resolving past issues. It's not really about baseball.

Tomorrow is my day off--of course--how does the time go by so fast? Where did this week go? I feel like the older I get the faster time goes by, and I'm only 24. (and 3/4s) It's great how the bank is closed on Sundays. All the jobs I've held in the past were 7-days a week. Maybe tomorrow I can work on the desk some, build a drawer or two. I'm in the mood to bake...a cake, brownies, I don't know.

The young hitchhiker has just morphed into the old doctor in time to save the little girl, but he can't go back again. James Earl Jones is going with the ballplayers "out there", the misty land beyond the corn. It's great how this movie is set in what seems like the most boring, least mystical place ever.


'Thought & Humor' said...
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Benjamin said...

Perhaps they should do a Halloween version of "Field of Dreams". They could call it "Field of Screams". And, instead of Shoeless Joe, he could be Headless Joe.