Friday, October 07, 2005

Read at your own risk...really

I'm starting to see a theme to my blogs: I went to title this one "arrrgh" only to see that I've done that one before. This one is also a repeat-title...if you didn't pay attention last time then tread carefully...

I found out last night that D is not just depressed from the pain, but from sex, or lack of. Turns out he's worried and upset about the fact that not only has it been awhile due to herniated-shoulder-thing, there's no end in sight to his condition. It's been...(counts on fingers) three weeks since the dead-of-night ER-visit (which of course was following several weeks of excruciating-but-not-hostipal-worthy pain) with no real improvement in all that time, even with the physical therapy and all the drugs. Poor guy is worried that he's not doing his 24-year-old fiance (me, duh) much good and is worried that...I'll stray, I guess, or start to resent him, or explode with pent-up frustration, or something. D actually called me a nymphomaniac, which I think he meant as a compliment even though is obviously not true. Really. (Sexy nymphomaniac....that's complimentary, right?) And of course, he's a little frustrated himself although I think the pain takes his mind off of it. Reassured him as best I can that this is a temporary situation (God, I hope so) and that I'm here for the long haul...if I don't explode. I know how good he'd be to me if this situation were in reverse.

I'm a little worried that something like this happening so soon after his 40th is bad for his psyche or something...he's always seen himself as being 19 or so really (don't all men?) and this is quite a blow to his ego. He's always bounced back before, even to back injuries. It's making him feel his age for once, which isn't really a good thing.

On a funnier note, he got to chase off another guy tonight (or so he says) which hasn't happened in ages...probably not since we stopped hanging out in bars much. Kid a little younger than me comes to the door selling newspaper subscriptions, which I turn down. This is a real accomplishment for me as I usually get sucked right into anything being sold door-to-door. They're always trying to earn money for trips and stuff. Anyways, doorbell rings again 3 minutes later and D gets it this time: same guy, who just stammers a bit, apologizes and leaves. D said later that he (newspaper guy) looked really surprised to see him (D) at the door and probably wanted to see me (Mara) again; I think he probably didn't mean to get the same door twice and got mixed up. Either way it was funny.

This weekend shall be wonderful--after three days off anything will be possible at the bank and etc. We are going to take a (slow) Long Trek with Alice tomorrow, I'll finish the desk...yay!

sex. Sex! SEX! (just had to get that off my chest.)


Benjamin said...

Um ... well. Your sex life is none of my biz. I admire your honesty. Um ... yeah. Um ... I collect women's ears in a bucket ...

Mara said...

Ahh, but we speak the same language now, don't we, unlike poor Jeffrey and his Israeli.

I didn't think this post would generate any comments, honestly.