Sunday, October 09, 2005

Costumes et cetera

Watching HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban with D now to get Halloween costume ideas. Unfortunately they made Fudge's outfit in the movie a demure black instead of the lime green and purple ensemble he wears in the books. I actually don't like this movie that much because they change so much stuff from the book. Like the werewolf. The book specifically says that werewolves are practically indistinguishable from wolves. In the movie Lupin becomes this tall two-legged thing that looks nothing like a wolf. And the kids go around in muggle clothes the whole time. Whatever.

D is looking at Fudge, McNair, a dementor, Lupin, or Sirius Black. I think it'd be funny to see a rather short dementor wandering around clutching a beer. Plus a dementor costume would be super easy. McNair would involve procuring a scythe.

I didn't do much today; a little laundry and cleaning, a trip to Borders, dinner with my folks. I'm really enjoying this three-day-weekend thing...I could get used to this. It's so relaxing. I may even still clean the aqarium, I think the cory cats are looking at me accusingly and two plants have uprooted and floated to the surface. KK gets off work soon and she wants to hang out tonight too.


Benjamin said...

Fudge, eh? A short dementor? A werewolf? All of these sound intriguing. And who or what will his date be? Hmmmmm?

Benjamin said...

Love the new wording on your profile picture ... excellent! Have you thought about putting the word "dominatrix" in your profile to see how many more viewings it causes?

Mara said...

Hmm, no. False advertising, you see.