Thursday, October 13, 2005

Etc. tired. Work was just hectic today. Our computer system just upgraded, which changes a lot of our procedures so everybody was freaking out. "Oh my god! How do we do this! It's different!" It's hilarious how some people automatically dislike and are scared by anything new without waiting to see if maybe it's better than the old was. Hello, it's an upgrade--it's supposed to be streamlined and easier to use, to save our time that costs the company so much....

On the plus side, the alarm-guy was back today to tie up loose ends. I took a poll among the girls, and he is adorable, so it's not just me. He brought me a new clip for my personal alarm and I felt very special. Although it is part of his job, I guess. Ah well. Vance was there as well to fix something, because that bank is falling apart always.

My back hurts. Sympathy pains for D? A long day standing up, or the whole long week? I don't know, but it wants a hot bath and a heating pad. It's very grumpy right now.

D and KK and I went to dinner-Chili's- which was fun. He and I have been spending too much time a deux lately, it was nice to have her there to lighten it up a bit. Plus, she's one of the few people that he really enjoys being around, so I think it cheered him a little. I got incredibly silly and out-of-it by the end of the meal (just tired, not drinking) and when the bill came I somehow added $38.46 + $7.00 and got "$38.53.46" That's not even a number! Pretty bad for a banker. I'm just glad I caught it before we left and fixed it. I was also about to leave my credit card in the bill and my to-go box on the table. Argh.

D had his MRI today and they aren't painful generally, but he can't lay on his back easily so laying down still for half an hour was awful. I hope he gets the results back soon. I really want to go to bed or to bath but he needs to do an employee evaluation for somebody and I always type those for him b/c he can't type--it would take him half the night and the words would be misspelled. So, on to evaluation writing.

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