Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Banking blues

The day after a bank holiday is always rough, today not an exception. The only good thing about it is that on these days time goes by really fast so that 9:30 to 6:15 flies by in no time. Why are people so rude to bank tellers? It's not out fault. YOU SUCK WITH MONEY. You do. You overdraft your account, keep a negative account balance, and wonder why the bank puts holds on your checks. You bring in foreign drafts and get pissed off that we can't do them in the drive-through. Hello, we have to call for an exchange rate which takes forever, so bring your stupid 16-dollar Canadian check inside, please. And OF COURSE there's a long line, everybody rushes to the bank on Monday (or Tuesday as it is) because they've planned badly and have to cover checks already written. So get in line and shut up about it--if you were smart you'd come on a Wednesday. And yes, we talk about your bitchy behavior and imitate you after you leave, just like the salespeople in any retail store would.

Thanks, that felt good.

I came home tonight to a home-cooked dinner--is that redundant? I mean not KFC in a bucket but pork chops on the grill and fixins. AND a clean fridge. I love my sweetie.

Note to self: bringing the murder mystery to work to read on lunch break was a bad idea--to put it down and go back to work was wrenching. D says the reason I don't use bookmarks is because I tend to read books in a single sitting, and he's right. This is why I never got good grades in school and never "performed up to my potential." There's always something more interesting to read.

Now I must go to bed--and finish And Then There Were None. Have I not mentioned till now that D has taken to sleeping on the futon in the living room because of his back? He's got an MRI thursday and then they'll decide whether an operation would be the way to go. I'm at the point where anything that could help, anything, would be good. The firmer futon mattress helps him sleep some, and I suspect having the whole thing to himself doesn't hurt either. (hurts me a little though...)

Tomorrow: Long Trek with Alice, for a much-deserved Starbucks concoction.


Benjamin said...

Hey Mara,
Those suckers at the bank sound like a load of morons! People ... yech!

Mara said...

They are the same people as at the bookstore, but banking makes people grumpy, insecure, and defensive. Whereas most people who go to bookstores enjoy them.