Saturday, October 29, 2005


Yesterday was one of those really hectic days that ended well. I had to go back to work, which felt weird. Vacation felt more natural, so I'm starting to think that maybe I should just be a lady of leisure instead of a working stiff. Still working out the details on how to do that though.

Rushed home from work to shower, make a double-batch of brownies, etc., while D took a nap. I let him sleep too long and he woke up so grumpy that even brownies didn't help. So, it was pretty surprising that he ended up having a great time at the halloween party later. Even dressed as a dementor. The whole party was so reminescient of the ones we used to go to (and have) in Vermont that we have started a theory about "bookstore people" being the same breed everywhere. D has dubbed Professor Lockhart and all his friends as "real people". This is one of his highest compliments, and 'real people' are harder to come by down here in Texas. One thing I like about him is that he doesn't require supervision at parties and things--I can leave him talking to someone or out smoking and go somewhere else. Some guys want to be glued at the hip all the time which gets old. I was pretty nice about the smoking, too; only the barest minimum of carping, griping, bitching, nagging, and general guilt-tripping about it. So, a great time had by all, or in this case both. Yay!


Benjamin said...

Professor Lockhart says, "Thank you for coming!" Glad you had fun. Thanks for the brownies. What, exactly, makes them "Harry Potter" brownies?

Mara said...

can't tell you, it's a culinary secret