Thursday, October 06, 2005


Great title, huh? Sounds better than "normal day graced by novel".

I read a good murder mystery today, Agatha Christie's Evil Under the Sun. (Thank you Professor Lockhart, for the reccommendation!) It had one of those endings that you just don't see coming, and then it seems obvious in retrospect. How did I miss that? And that?

I've read a few others of her mysteries but now I think I want to read all of them, especially as they are so short; a few hours at the most. D got all exited b/c he's not a reader by any stretch so a book he liked really stands out in memory; apparently And Then There Were None really impressed him back in high school. He kept saying, "that sounds just like it!" until we looked it up on-line and found that it's also a Christie mystery. So it's next on the list. How did we go without the internet? D and I use it constantly to look up stuff that we'd otherwise just let go, because we always get into these debates about random facts, like when do salmon die, how old are silverback gorillas, does the Amazon cross the equator, when did Janis Joplin die...(I'm usually right. Thank you, internet. Except when the answer lies somewhere in those 16 years...then I just say, sure you know the answer: you lived through it!)

I am loving this beautiful weather--if only it could stay like this! I should look into relocating to Seattle or London, somewhere with plenty of rain and wind. Nice. D and I made a great pesto-chicken-pasta dish tonight and I taught him about pesto because he asked. He wanted to add pesto to his "repetoire." awww.
"Okay sweetie, this is the food processor. It is your pesto friend!"

He kept trying to eat the pine nuts straight out of the pan before they made it to the pesto but there were enough to go around.

So all in all a great day and night. Mmm.


Benjamin said...

Wow, you really tore through that book! I'm impressed! Glad you liked it. I've got the monster-lizard thingy book on hold up at work and will check it out, probably on Saturday. We'll have lots to talk about book-wise.

Mara said...

Oh, I read really fast, it's thoroughness and retention that I have problems with.