Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Vacation- heh

I finally feel like blogging again--I don't know what was up with the last few days. Maybe, by not working, I just didn't have anything to vent or rant about! I'm annoyed now because my Halloween costumes just aren't working out as planned. I was going to order some things off of Amazon.com but I've never used it before for that (use it all the time for the book reviews, just don't buy stuff) and when I read the fine print it turns out that "ships in 1-2 days" doesn't mean that that's when it gets to your house, it means that's when it gets to Amazon for them to ship it. I guess I waited too long but I always thought that they shipped really fast.

So, today I shall go to craft stores and party stores and the mall to make up for the online fiasco. It'll be fun. D and I had a problem with the dementor idea. I realized that it's not just a cape--they have really scary deadish faces underneath, which would require either a mask or a lot of makeup. Masks are no fun; they make you all hot and irritable, plus you can't really see, talk, eat, drink...

D hates the idea of makeup, says it reminds him of the army and wearing camo a lot. He says that the army doesn't give you cold cream to take it off, you have to buy it yourself, which I think is mean. ("All you have is that "nighttime" look and that's a bit slap-dash."--Eddie Izzard re: the 1st Transvestite Batallion or something) Because a dementor would be full-makeup, not just a little eyeliner or something. D's afraid that in the cloak without makeup he'll look "more like an Ewok" than anything else. Aww, my little hobbit. Professor Lockhart, you should expand your party theme to include LOTR, yes? D would hardly need a costume at all, maybe just a green waist-coat and some glued-on foot-hair.

I've been cleaning my apartment for the last few days. The fact that it's not done yet should indicate how bad off it was before. I'd neglected the aquarium--it needs another water change today b/c there's so much stuff in the gravel plus several new plants that haven't been chewed on. I was relieved to do a fishventory and find all present and accounted for. Hardy little things. KK brought her new hand-held carpet shampooer (sp?) to do our stairs--her puppy has made it resemble nothing so much as a Jackson Pollock painting. "Dog Owners' Stairs in Yellow and White". Now they look really good except for the vertical parts--the steamer doesn't work on those.

KK has me a little worried actually, just b/c we've been seeing so much of her lately. She's been spending every evening over here, which isn't like her. And which may be why I haven't written my blog come to think of it. She's usually so social; spending so much time holed up with her sister and brother-in-law (to be) in our apartment is odd. But, she did say that she's completely broke and we feed her when we can. Darn vegetarians--you have to plan ahead or be creative when feeding them. D did a chili last night, with meatless chile (chile non carne, hehe) for her. Well, she did go that NIN concert last week, too. It just seems that ever since she and her boyfriend (to be called Asshole in future reference, or drug-addicted, lazy, directionless, not-good-enough-to-even-look-in-my-little-sister's-direction, will-shoot-to-kill-on-next-meeting...well, Asshole is more succint) and moved into an apartment sans gay-best-friend early summer, she's over here a lot. I hope she's not lonely in her place or something, even though it's nice to see her.

Well, off to shopping expedition. It's very important to make the pet supply place the last stop, otherwise you have this baggy filled with water and plant material to deal with. Live and learn, I say.


Anonymous said...

Running, jumping, climbing trees, and putting on make-up while you're up there.

I'm back! :) Bex

Mara said...

Yay, Bex! Good to see your name. Don't you think he'd make a great hobbit?

Anonymous said...

I can definitly see it ;)
Dementors are really tall and I dunno if D can be that scary hehe

Benjamin said...

You know, it's perfectly alright if you come as LOTR characters. You can pretend you got lost on the way to a Tolkien party. There are already several non-Harry characters coming. :)