Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Suckyness to the extreme degree

Yesterday evening I was stung by a PUSS CATERPILLAR, also known as a "wooly slug". Have you ever heard of this? I remember KK briefly mentioning that her bf/roomie was bitten by something fluffy earlier this summer.

This was some of the WORST pain-- absolutely agonizing-- that I've ever been in, period. It ranks up there with my worst migraines and the Paris/ food poisioning incident. It started off just feeling like a wasp sting (localized) on my hand and within half an hour my whole arm was burning and aching and I was so restless and anxiety-ridden that I had to pace the apartment. D suggested a walk, so we went out and walked for a long time.
The websites I visited mentioned that symptoms vary according to victim, from mild stinging to severe pain. Gee, I guess I know where I fall on that spectrum. It makes sense I guess, I'm super-sensitive to all chemicals. It's why one drink makes me tipsy, why fabric softener gives me a headache and bleach, migraines; why a case of poison ivy landed me in the ER. Of COURSE I'll have the worst possible reaction to a freakin caterpillar. Well, not the worst. I guess it didn't kill me.

It was so unfair-- what kind of bad karma makes for this kind of thing? I was just minding my business. It's so random. D said it's not karma, shit just happens sometimes. He went out to the balcony and karmaized the little beast into squishy pieces for me. I took half of one of his codeines (mmm, Vicodin) and two benedryls but they didn't do a damn thing except help me finally get to sleep. I had to sleep on the futon b/c of all the thrashing and moaning--didn't want to keep my honey awake. I was in the middle of making a nice dinner for us when all this happened and he ended up eating some hot-pockets from the freezer that my little brother left here. I don't remember eating anything.

My hand still hurts pretty badly, and it looks really funky-- a big red blotch with this pattern of smaller, redder spots in it. I've got to go to work so I can't take any medicine now.

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