Friday, November 04, 2005


Just one of those days. I didn't sleep at all well last night and today everybody at work was super-annoying. Maybe not such a coincidence after all, come to think of it. On the one hand, Evelyn. She has so little confidence in herself that she asks questions constantly-- questions she knows the answers to already. On a busy day, this is just too much. Just do what you'd do if I wasn't standing next to you, dammit. I'm not a freakin babysitter. On the other hand, Halima. She finds herself 50 dollars short and doesn't do a thing for the next, what, 2 hours except try to find it. The money is gone, girl. It might come back later but meanwhile I've got a line here in the drivethrough and there's one in the lobby too. Work, please. And I got to work between them. In the background is our assistant manager who just chatters on endlessly and doesn't help. Lucky me! My "attitude" got noticed by all and got me nothing but mockery. Watch out for Mara! More sarcastic than usual, even! Like wanting everybody else to just do their damn job is such an attitude problem. If everyone had one we might get more done.

Well thank you, blog-land, for letting me vent that a little. I feel so much better now. D and I had dinner at this nice little Italian place that's really close to our apartment. Our waiter, Jeff, is actually an old co-worker of mine from my waitressing days. (You know, last year.) He's good friends with Cathy and Jason that I ran into a few blogs ago--a real week for run-ins. Although I guess eating where you know someone works doesn't fall under coincidence. They have the best fettuccini alfredo anywhere. ahh.

D was just watching some history-channel show on bombs. It said something like, "when gunpowder was first discovered/ created in the ___th century, people were scared and thought it was a tool of the devil". This is in a very superior tone of voice of course. But who's to say that gunpowder and bombs etc aren't a tool of evil? Were those sailors so wrong? As Eddie Izzard says, guns don't kill people, but the gun helps. I hate the history channel. Which is funny because I love history. Bill Maher has the former president of Ireland on; she seems like a great lady. Ireland is so on my list. Why can't we have a cool woman-prez here? This country is so backwards sometimes.


Benjamin said...

Hey, Mara. I agree about the gunpowder. And guns. It's just too much and too many people think that might makes right. A woman prez would be great, as long as she's a great woman prez.

Yes, and jobs suck and co-workers are idiots and tyrants ... sometimes.

Erin said...

I think Eddie Izzard also said: Cake or Death?


Mara said...

Yeah, a woman prez like Condie Rice would be just as bad as Bush. I meant a cool one, natch.

Erin said...

Yes, I am the Erin you know :)