Thursday, November 03, 2005

Random bits

My hand is all better now. The only remaining thing is the dark marks made by the black electrical tape I used to hold the bandage on all yesterday. I look like I've been drawing on the back of my hand, or that I'm into bondage.

Alice and I did the Long Trek today which was nice--we haven't gone in ages. I had a Starbucks and she got lots of acorns. I got back just in tim to get ready for work, which was so boring and lame. I guess that's better than stressful and chaotic, a little. Got two credit cards, nothing else. It turns out that I don't get so much vacation next week as I thought b/c they pro-rated my vacation time from when I was "part time". Like I ever actually worked only 20 hours a week. Oh well. It's still paid time off, which can't be beat. What I really need it a job that is interesting, challenging, pays twice as much but with the same benefits. Who's hiring? Hehe.

It's amazingly quiet here in the apartment tonight. D is still at work, the dogs are both asleep. How can I keep them this way? Cathy (my cat) is cuddling up next to me because she's cold. She's one of those cats that love belly scratches. I should really start dinner but that involves finding out if the fish I bought 2 days ago just before caterpillar incident is still fresh and cookable. Ick. I hate those kind of investigations. I was going to cook it last night but by the time I got home D had dinner made already. My sweetie.

Well, must check fish and start dinner now.

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