Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mississippi Idiots

Well, my sinuses are better now. Thank goodness.

D and I are watching a special on PBS about the abortion debates, pro-choice and pro-life. It's making me so frickin mad that I keep shouting stuff at the TV. One idiot guy actually referred to a 12-week fetus as a "child". It's not a child, you bastard! It's a fetus. f-e-t-u-s. You can have an opinion about abortion when you grow a uterus you little piece of shit. D says I can't throw anything else at the TV because I could break it. I might have to turn this off. I say to all you stupid shithead religious pro-lifers; if you don't want abortion, don't get one! Leave my rights out of it please. There's a huge difference between personal feelings about stuff and laws. I would not get an abortion myself but that doesn't mean that nobody else gets one either! That's so DUMB! I think I may have to move to Mississippi and open an abortion clinic now. I wonder if ovulating has an effect on my emotional state the way that PMS does.

Best abortion quote from a movie: Dogma.

Bethany: Then - I don't mean to sound ungrateful - but what are you doing hanging around?
Jay: We're here to pick up chicks.
Bethany: Excuse me?
Jay: We figure an abortion clinic is a good place to meet loose women. Why else would they be there unless they like to fuck?

Hehe. Dogma. One of the best movies really. I'm adding that to my movie list in my profile. Okay, I feel better and there's a new show on.

KK and I had lunch together today --Einstein's Bagels--and went shopping at World Market. I love that place, they have so much cool stuff! And it's such a variety; chocolate and wine, throw pillows and candles, dishware and furniture and baskets and statues and imported fancy foods. It's the place you'd go if you just came back from Europe and were craving some type of cookie that they only have in Sweden. It's where Nutella came from back before the grocery stores started stocking it. All I got were some taper candles though, and K picked up lunch. Good girl not spending money!

Tomorrow I go back to work. But Friday is a bank holiday. Thanks, veterans, for everything and for the day off. D is a war veteran. I should thank him personally...I wonder how much "light exercise" he's really up for. Yep, definitely ovulating.


Benjamin said...

I hope D feels better.

And I find that wadded up socks or paper wads make great projectiles to launch at stupid TV people.

Anonymous said...

You should check out Penn & Teller's Bullshit (it's out on DVD), it's Showtime show that picks random things that people tend to really throw themselves into and shows how silly it is or just how hypocrytical it is. It's a but one sided but it gets you thinking sometimes.


Mara said...

I like Pen and Teller. They're funny. I love the way they voice-over the stupid people.