Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

First and foremost, Harry Potter GOF is a great movie! They took my least-favorite book of the series and turned it into a really good film. Some great lines (that weren't in the book):

Harry: "Hermione, tell Ron that--"
Hermione: " OWL!!" (storms off)

Professor Snape: "Perhaps the best thing would be to let events... unfold, and see what happens."
Professor McGonagall: "You can't use Potter as... as bait! He's a boy, not a piece of meat!"

Is it wrong to find Harry pretty darn attractive now? How old is he anyways? Legal? Not legal? There's a fantastic scene with Harry (naked) in the bath being flirted with by a ghost as he desparately tries to pile bubbles over his, um, unmentionables. Hehehe.

I'm in the middle of making bread and some other's not even noon and my mom and I have been on the phone 3 times. I love Thanksgiving. I have a Kitchen-aid stand mixer and this is the first time I've gotten to use the's amazing! Absolutely amazing. Fifteen minutes of arduous kneading gone, just like that, and the dough looks better than any I've made by hand. Well, it's off to start the pie! What's Thanksgiving without the apple pie, hmm? It's no Thanksgiving at all by my book!

The bread is on second rising, separated into farmhouse rolls, and the apple pie is finished. I put a top crust on it even though D and my dad are always for dutch-apple, because there's something so festive about the double-crusted pie. I don't usually photograph my food, but this pie is so pretty! Now to make the spinach dip and prep the potatoes!

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Benjamin said...

Your pie picture looks really professional. It's like something you would see in a cookbook. Or maybe in a dictionary next to the defintion for "apple pie".