Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a nice weekend!

I feel almost like a real grown-up, with the whole weekend off and everything. This might become a regular thing as my boss is thinking about giving all the full-time staff Saturdays off and making the part-timers work it. I don't know how I feel about this yet. If it creates too much discord among the staff it won't be worth it, for me anyways, because it's such a small group. On the other hand, the part-timers are being awfully precious about when they can and can't work and it won't hurt to be a little tougher on them.

Yesterday D and I spent the whole day together; breakfast at Cafe Brazil, a movie, grocery shopping. So nice. Dreamer was a pretty decent movie. I went out last night with some of the girls from the bank, which was fun. They bugged me a little for leaving D at home but the truth is that we both need our "alone time" to relax. Also true that he would not much enjoy going out with them but I didn't say so. One of our old compadres, Selena, turned up which was great; she was one of my favorite co-workers until she was let go and went to another bank. She likes to cook too and we used to discuss and compare food stuff all the time, but not in the overly competitive way that Kristin does.

I made a frittata this morning (sp?) which was really good. Spinach on my half only. The thing is, D and I got into the habit of going out to breakfast any week-end day that we both were off but lately that would be two days in a row. So, I tried to stock up on the bacon and eggs (and coffee, milk, oj, potatoes, etc) neccessary to attempt a home-cooked breakfast. I thought the fritatta would be a good way of having one hot thing instead of the usual eggs hot, bacon already cold, lukewarm toast. Also a way to trick D into having a lot less bacon. :) Now if only he'd eat the spinach! I told him about the curry connection and he said we'll have to try it. I've never made a curry before but it can't be that hard.

Spent today post-frittata reading, picking up the house a (very) little, getting my brownie pan back from Borders. I have the next two days off as the last of my vacation time for the year. I really need to look into our wedding plans or my mom will be pissed, plus it does need to get done. She suggested going on a cruise and being married by the ship captain-- eerily echoing what Ben said! Definitely worth looking into: small, non-traditional, and efficient; wedding and honeymoon in one fell swoop! I love fell swoops. Makes me think of swords and dashing musketeers and Aragorn. Swoop. Hehe. Wedding swoops.

What we've agreed on so far:

As small as we can make it in terms of guests and hoopla.
Chocolate for the cake. Or cupcakes.
Something different.
No big white dress, here-comes-the-bride, etc.

Well, here's to planning. I can't believe some girls like this stuff. Must go now to eat the steak and baked potatoes a la D. Yummy.


Benjamin said...

Don't forget to have dancing dementors and a procession of flesh eating slugs. And I really think a centaur should serve as clergy.

Mara said...

Don't be ridiculous, Ben. Centaurs would never stoop to administrate for people.

Especially muggles.

I like the slug processional though. Definitely something to discuss with the bridesmaids.