Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, my hand is almost normal again now. Just an oval of angry red marks and some tenderness, but not much pain. D has declared war on all puss caterpillars and has fine-combed our patio looking for stowaways. He's one of those men that can't stand to see his honey in pain. He knows what to do for bad periods, for migraines, for the flu, but for venomous caterpillars there is no cure but to KILL THEM ALL for making me hurt. Poor guy. It's hard on him.

This whole poison-caterpillar thing grabbed all of my attention earlier so I didn't think about everything else. I ran into some old co-workers Cathy and Jason from the restaurant yesterday, at Central Market. It made me realize that I actually miss people from that job. When I "quit" (got fired) I never went back so I guess I cut a lot of ties. I used to play poker with them before I started at the bank. C and J are a cute couple first because they're both the type of person that you can't imagine staying with anyone for more than 2 days but they've been with each other for awhile now. Second b/c they're both so short that hugging either one leaves me staring over their heads. I'm not a "huggy" type person anyways. Cathy just always grabs me. She's one of the only girls I know that looks better as a highlighted-blonde. It just matches her somehow. Not that she's dumb--she's not--just, well, blonde. Anyways, they told me that Keith my old manager quit in a fury last week. I need to talk to him b/c I have his books that he lent me. So. She will call me with his number so that I can call him to see if he wants them back.

This is why I don't like to borrow stuff.

But I would like to see Keith again. We got on well. And etc.

Where was I? Oh yes. Yesterday I was culinarily inspired after reading the book (see prev. post) but instead of buying ox I got a pumpkin. I had the seeds toasting and the hull baking, plus black-bean soup when the caterpillar fiasco occured. It was all I could do to get it all off the heat. Pumpkin seeds are good for the prostate. I don't have one of those so I made them for D who does. (I assume. I haven't seen it b/c it's internal. Right?)

Ah, stream of consciousness. Works best when I'm tired. Didn't sleep much last night even with all the drugs due to the pain. I'm watching Ellen Degeneres stand-up now. She's so funny. Signing off now to watch Ellen and go to bed.


Benjamin said...

Damn those monstrous caterpilars! Go D! Kill 'em all! D-zilla versus Mothra!

Also, I'll be working 5pm to close tomorrow, so I won't be there with your brownie pan until then.

P.S. I have thoroughly searched the Borders property for killer bugs and disposed of them all! Feel free to visit our store without fear!

I really hope you are alright...

Mara said...

Thanks Ben. :) It's nice to know that my favorite bookstore is free of the killerpillars.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin seeds are good for allergies too . . .just an asside really since the killerpillar made his entrance and subsequent exit (maybe he was suicidal) . . .