Monday, November 14, 2005

My new sub-title

I actually found this quote on a greeting card. Not a Hallmark card, but still. I looked online but I can't find out who "Souza" was; why wouldn't they put the whole name on the card? I hate not having the source...too many years of writing papers and referencing.

I'm constantly feeling like I'm waiting for my life to begin, or to begin again...I guess this is a popular emotion, hence the cliches of

"life is not a dress rehearsal"
"happiness is a journey not a destination"
"live each day blah blah blah"

but even if everyone else feels the same way it doesn't dilute my own feeling. I'm always thinking; once I get a better job, once we move, once we get married, once we start a family....then life will really get going. I spend an awful lot of time dreaming about the future, planning for it and yet today was once the future. I distinctly remember thinking at one point about "after I graduate..."; well, that was two years ago now. But this; this is my life too. Right now. These daily walks, dinner, the bank... this is my life. And as long as I'm living I'm not wasting it; it's just a matter of awareness, or purpose. So, I put this quote in my blog where I'll see it every day, to remind me. Because I actually like my life a lot, when I stop to think about it, and in the future I don't want to look back and see a lot of waiting.


Benjamin said...

Sounds to me like you have a pretty good life...

Great new format, by the way.

So ... "good in bed"?

Modest. too.

Mara said...

Well, who's going to disagree with me? :)

Mara said...

Besides, I was just trying to lighten it up a bit.