Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sinus Heck

Because it's not quite bad enough to be sinus hell; I've been there before. Going to bed with a sinus headache and waking up with it in the morning still. Bleargh. I need this weather to change already. Went on the Long Trek with Alice, thinking that some exercise and fresh air would clear my head. Hehe. Walking when you can't breathe= pretty dumb idea. But my drink was good at least.

D had his Dr's appt this morning to discuss the results of the MRI. (If you're dyslexic like I am, you can type "resluts" for "results" which is really funny! To me anyways. Resluts. Hehehe. What would that be exactly?) Anyways, it turns out that he has not one but three "bulging" discs in his spine, which are also "arthritic". The doctor wants to know what the heck D does for a living to have an injury like that plus the myriad scars and things decorating him. He doesn't know the half of it; sometimes I think D is like a cat with 9 lives- he's gone through so much stuff. Good news though: none of the discs are actually herniated or "exploded" so D probably doesn't need surgery! Yay! He has an appointment with a surgeon to discuss the thing next month though, just to make sure. For now, he's just to continue with the physical therapy and the Celebrex, plus the doctor talked to him about his weight and chlorestorol-- not that he actually tested D's chol. You'd think he would what with everything else. D got the go-ahead for light exercise; walking but no running, etc. I am trying to interest him in yoga but he says it's only interesting when I do it. He's worse than the pets honestly, coming up behind me during Downward Dog. No wonder I try to do it in an empty house. It would do him a lot of good though, like the physical therapy. I may have to make some "arthritic old man" jabs to get him to join me.

Last night I made a chicken chowder with corn and potatoes. It was good, and easy, and it made a ton. I love my crock-pot. It can be tonight's dinner if nothing appears by then. I must take a shower in another futile attempt to clear my head, and call KK to see if she wants to get lunch. I think then I'll try to work on my desk-- it's been awfully abandoned down there in the garage. Staring at me accusingly every time I get out of my car. "I don't belong here! Paint me, finish me, take me upstairs!" Yes, the furniture talks to me. So what? It's not telling me to kill people or something.


Anonymous said...

"resluts" - sluts that didn't get it right the first time?

and . . .a little weird . . .I made chicken, corn, potato chowder last week . . and I rarely make soupy type things. :)


Mara said...

We must be on the same wave-length.

It doesn't surprise me that our wavelength involves chicken chowder.

Harry Potter movie! Yay!