Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm back!

Ack! For some crazy reason we had no internet access for the last two days and the phone line is all fuzzy. It gets like this sometimes because we get service with one company but the other company owns the lines at the apartment complex. They get really confused by it sometimes and disconnect our line. I don't know if that's what's happened this time, or if the dogs messed up the wires with the constant running and wrestling and otherwise bad treatment.

The dogs....KK called at 6:30 yesterday evening; is it all right if she leaves the puppy here for a few hours while she's out on a date? "A few hours"... I swear is what she said. Well it's noon the next day and she hasn't come back for the damn dog yet. And because she didn't specify overnight we figured she be back by midnight or so, so we didn't walk her or feed her (the dog) or anything before going to bed, because K does that when she picks her up. So I'm about 90% really pissed off at being treated like a living all-hours un-paid day-care center for her dog and about 10% worried stiff that something happened to her. As soon as I hear from her I can be 100% royally pissed off. I mean, she's got a great deal going here; she leaves the dog with us whenever she's at work and often when she's out, so we watch it (for free) probably 5 or 6 days a week. And we have watched her overnight during things like NIN concerts, but K would clear it with us ahead of time. She has to push just a little too far though, and take advantage of it. What a brat. Sometimes being nice backfires all over the place and leaves you angry. I'm going to go leave another pissy voicemail for her now. (I hope she's ok.)

Well, I'm off to the mall to get some things and to get another angel off the Salvation Army tree. This is such a great idea-- you get to pick out a kid that needs stuff for the holidays and buy it specifically and they tell you all the clothes-sizes etc.; much better than putting toys in the big barrels and hoping they go to someone they'd suit. But the great part is that we're doing this in lieu of buying presents for Mom and Dad, who have all the "stuff" they need and would rather not get more (unless it's maple fudge) so all the money we could spend buying books and sweaters and CDs for my deserving but distinctly un-needy parents is better distributed. Two kids split between D and me and KK should be about right-- they say average of 60-70 dollars per angel. And it is so much easier; what to buy is right on the form. The one I already got, for instance, wants Spiderman sheets and Tonka trucks; much easier than trying to choose a book for an English professor who in reality only reads non-fiction for fun and only really wants the fudge. From scratch though. Not store-bought fudge, no.


K called, she's fine. Just got really really drunk last night. I'm still mad but not as much. The curse of older-sister-hood, I guess.


Benjamin said...

You must have a very active and busy apartment, what with it being so full of animals all the time.

And, furthermore, I thought you had something really tragic to tell me today -- like your dog ran away, or your desk caught fire.

I'm glad it was only animal overcrowding and temporary computer problems.

Still wondering about your Harry/Hagrid dream...

Mara said...

Well, imagine if someone asked you to watch their pet for a few hours and you didn't hear back from them until 24 hours later?

You'd either be really worried about them, or really pissed because they're over-staying their welcome.

Mara said...

And yeah, it is a very active little apartment. Which is why I comment so often when it's quiet and peaceful...a nice change.