Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fish and cookies

I'm a little worried about my aquarium....Earl looks kinda bad off. I hope he doesn't die, because Speeder will be devastated. They're schooling fish and are always together, but now Earl is listing in the near corner and his fins are folded in. They're red wag-tail platy fish, or something like that, and we haven't lost one of those yet. So far the only goners have all been cory cats. Well, tomorrow will be a super-cleaning of the tank. Maybe that will make him feel better. Especially as I've been warned away from going to Borders due to a breakout of the Black Death among the staff there. Thanks for the head-up, Ben! I know where not to spend my day off!

This is my Cathy, guarding the fish from predators. Isn't she protective? Cathy is named for the comic strip and its author. It contains "cat", too, which is convenient. And an "h", in case some herbs come along. And a "y", which is just cheating at Scrabble. I love Scrabble but it turns into a bloodbath at my parents' house, and D can't play because he can't spell anything.

Thank you, America, for giving bankers so many holidays. Who else gets Columbus Day and Veterans Day off with pay, only a month apart? I don't think our commercial customers are expecting the bank to be closed; they'll be mad as hornets when they come by tommorow! hehehe

Today at work, one of the personal bankers pulled me into her office to talk about a "deal". Turns out if I bring her some more of my cookies, she'll give me 5 referrals. Guess I have a new fan...she said she'd give me even more for the recipe. Should I tell her it's the basic Hershey's recipe, with walnuts added? Maybe not. :)


Benjamin said...

Your poor fish. Both of them. And, yes, stay way from Borders! It's like Europe in the Dark Ages.

Mara said...

Thanks for the advice!