Sunday, November 27, 2005


Whew! We're having big wind storms here, with power outages and everything. Actually most inconvienent; I had devoted the afternoon to washing wool sweaters (long process involving shampoo, towels, etc.) when all the lights went out and the gates to the complex stopped working, trapping my sister and a lot of other people on the wrong sides of the gates.

My period has arrived right on time and I think I've discovered something really weird; I think that muscle relaxers might actually stop periods in their tracks; last night I was like, "hey, where'd it go?" Then it came back with all the pain. As D pointed out, they don't prescibe muscle relaxers for period pains; maybe that's why. Very abnormal. Next time I'll just use pain killers.

We went shopping today for the SA angels and got some really cute Spiderman sheets for the little one. And a blanket to match. D carefully tested all the Tonka trucks but we didn't get one yet.

I have to open at work tomorrow, seven in the morning, so off to bed I go.


Benjamin said...

Isn't this windy weather weird? (How alliterative was that?) It's kind of fun, though. Very spooky and like "Wuthering Heights".

Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

ok this will sound kinda gross and/or out there but . . .muscle relaxers . . .uterine contractions . . .I'd guess that would stop your period temporarily.

On a completely different note. Mara, I brined my turkey this year. It was just beautiful and crazy moist but thank god I don't have to cook Christmas dinner. :)


Mara said...


Yeah, that's what I figured too, about the uterine contractions.

Don't you remember that we brined the turkey the last year that D and I were in Vermont? We used the huge cooler and the Alton Brown recipe with orange juice and brown sugar.