Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Living with the phlegm

I think I'm getting sick...or is that too optimistic? I am getting sick. My throat is sore, my glands swollen, my head is all fuzzy and foggy. Tonight I shall eat a bowl of chili, take some Nyquil, and go to bed at 8:30. It's the only way to deal with it. Silly girls at the bank, bringing all their viruses and all their bacteria into the bank to infect me...

I ended up working almost 12 hours yesterday. The schedule was 8:00 till 6:15 but Kristin calls me at 6:50am, frantic, because she didn't have her keys...the keys that open the vault, that you can't open the bank without. So I start my day early rushing to the bank with no shower, no breakfast, NO COFFEE. Bad way for Mara to start the day. Then at closing, my co-closer came up "over", so I had to audit her (even though she's my supervisor) and we didn't get out till after 7:00. Seven till seven; how much did that suck? I managed to drag myself to the store to get chili fixins for dinner because a bowl of chili will clear your sinuses and make your eyes water. Work was just so busy yesterday, when I finally settled on the sofa, I felt like I'd just gotten off one of those moving sidewalks at the airport where suddenly everything feels slow. Or like a hamster that got too exited and fell off its wheel. I was so tired that even the idea of writing my blog was tiring.

A special on ground beef in large packages means that I made like 5 pounds of chili last night. My crockpot is full to the brim; that baby will feed us for a week. Mmm, chili. Meanwhile, I'm chain-drinking throat-soothing tea and being easy on myself.

Tomorrow is my day off, but I'm not planning anything till I see how I feel. What I want to do: aquarium maintenance, some serious cookie-baking, Borders. I'll probably just rest instead.

Today was a blessedly slow day at the bank; I'm actually writing this blog from work; something I've never done before. Technically I don't have internet access; one of my friends logged me on. Kind of like stealing cable. Well, I'm out of here now; must go home and sleep.


Benjamin said...

That was one of your best blogs ever. It was tautly written, gripping, and any other book critic superlatives one can imagine. Work must be a good writing environment for you.

It's too bad the subject was "getting sick". Hope the chili and tea work.

I'm off tomorrow, so we'll miss each other if you come to Borders. We can always meet for (innocent) coffee.

Benjamin said...

I am NOT poking fun at your blog!!!! I really like the way it is written. This is a sincere compiment! I'm just sorry that you are sick! I really do hope the chili and tea work!