Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Goals!2006

Midnight comes closer, so the time comes to post the goals for 2006. I don't like resolutions; they're too...something. Goals are concrete, incremental, measurable, attainable; something to shoot for. I had a good attainage percentage from last year, which makes me enthusiastic about 2006. This is going to be a great year. So here's the list, from the most concrete to the fuzzyest.

1. Start living from a budget. Plan the month ahead of time, stick to the Excel spreadsheet, and use cash for all non-bills. Gradually increase standing balance in my checking account to equal $750.00; contribute no less than $150 Jan.-June and $200 July though December to savings.
2. Keep the credit card bill paid off every month, pay no interest all year.
3. Incur no bank fees, traffic tickets, dog-poo fines, and other total wastes of money.
4. Start my 401(k) in January, increase contributions to equal 10% of every paycheck by June. Deposit bank bonus (if I get one) directly into the 401(k).

1. Start eating breakfast every day again. Oatmeal with fruit. Smoothies.
2. Increase consumption of yogurt, cranberry juice, all fruits, start putting flax-seed in smoothies.
3. Cook more vegetarian dinners like quiche, bulgar, etc., curries (thanks, Ben) and more fish.
4. Visit the doctor (in Jan or Feb) for complete physical; discuss baby-making stuff with doctor.
5. Lose either 7 lbs, 5% body fat (as measured by bathroom scale) or both, through above measures and increased gym visits.

1. Either get promoted or leave the bank for better paying, more challenging job. Update resume.
2. Not to be a bank teller this time next year.

1. Get this whole wedding thing planned and executed, ASAP. Try to have the planning done by Valentine's Day and the wedding over by June.
2. Go on a nice honeymoon.
3. Help D with his goal of losing some weight, getting his shoulder and arm muscles in shape, and eating better. (even though he may not be aware of his goals exactly.)
4. This time next year be married (for sure) to D and expecting (possibly)


Marie said...

Men need a woman to know their goals for them. That is what we are here for^_^

Good luck achieving your goals this year^_^ Ganbarimasu!

Benjamin said...

I f you want to work out sometime or make a curry, lemme know. I'd love to get together and make a curry! It would be a totally new culinary adventure!

Good luck with your goals.

Thanks for coming by work today. It was great as ever to see you. Sorry I was in such a pouty mood.

Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu

Mara said...

Thanks for all the support, guys! Ben, come over any time to make curry with D and me. And you too Marie if you're in Dallas ever. :)