Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh, oh, oh...

Day off! Alice went to the vet this morning and she was so good! She took the shots and all the personal invasion like a champ. That's my baby. I wish my health-care plan was half as good as hers is, really. I had lunch with Ben (hi, Ben!) which was fun! Why do restaurants put so much food on the plates? It's like 3 times what a serving-size should be so you either eat it all and feel uncomfortably stuffed or take it home with you. I wish they'd charge less and sell normal-sized food. I think it alters the subconscious idea of what a meal should look like after awhile, too, so that people that eat out a lot eat more at home as well. Hello, obese America! Anyways.

I didn't have to go in on my day off like I thought I would which makes me so happy that I'm contemplating cleaning up this pigsty of an apartment that I'm sitting in, but first things first; KK is coming over to help with the rest of the Salvation Army shopping. It's all due in on Monday so time's a-wastin'!

I'm definitely ovulating again today, which makes me more outgoing and flirtatious than usual. Just as well that I'm not at work, I guess; no use wasting a good mood there! I'm sort of looking forward to actually trying to make a baby, in part to see if being so observant of my cyclical stuff actually comes in handy. And in part just because it'd just be so much fun...makin' it....(sigh.)
(celibacy sucks ass.)

Right. Going shopping now for stuff! Could be fun. Cleaning up apartment! Could be rewarding.

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Benjamin said...

Yes. Lunch was fun. And plentiful. I hope you "make it"!