Thursday, December 29, 2005


I feel all sort of pent-up and annoyed at the world, so I'm making a list. Because what are blogs for if not for cathartic list-making?

1. It's so annoying for somebody to tell me how cute my little sister is, and be surprised about it. Why is that so surprising? Am I a hag and nobody told me or something? I know she's adorable, that since birth she's been the "cute" one (because everybody has to do that to sisters. God forbid they both be smart and attractive), but it's fairly insulting for somebody to say "wow! your sister is a cutie!" as though shocked that we emerged from the same gene pool. Manners, anyone? And by the way, she's smart, too. And funny. Open your eyes, folks, she's more than just cute! It's doubly insulting.

2. I'm annoyed at the world for the fact that I went to visit somebody at work who either wasn't there or was actually working or something. How is this rational? Everything should stop upon my arrival! I am the queen, and the queen wants lunch! When I have a half-day, everybody needs to have a half-day!

3. I'm bugged that everybody at work is slavering for fresh homemade cookies for the party/meeting tonight when I know that none of them are baking, they're just picking stuff up on the way to the bank. I'm not a fucking bakery, folks; it's a two-way street. I'm not so desperate for praise that I'll spend time and money to bake ya'll cookies when I don't feel like it. I bake out of love only, love for the process, for the product, and occasionally for the recipients. Right now I don't love you.

4. Also annoyed in preparation for tonight that what should be a fun white-elephant gift exchange is probably going to suck ass now because people can't be bothered to bring a nice $10 gift but are just going to bring whatever it is that they don't want. I've overheard at least one co-worker say, "oh, I'm just bringing this awful thing that I won in another exchange, you should do the same!" It's ten bucks, folks; just go out and buy a scented candle, a box of candy, a gift card, or whatever! Don't be so frickin cheap and lazy! D got this set of Jones sodas in wierd flavors like 'turkey and gravy' and 'stuffing' but I'm not going to take that to the bank and pass it on, come on! Well, partly because I want to try them, but still.

5. Why on earth are we combining our monthly meeting with our holiday party? This really sucks. We can't bring spouses or friends or whatever like we would otherwise, and it's going to be like "Sales reports, snacks, operations, gift exchange, attendance issues, etc..." How are these two mutually exclusive events supposed to coincide?

6. What's with all the car dealerships and companies trying to suggest that you can save money if you buy their car? Hello, the best way to save money is to not buy a new car! Keep driving the one you have-- that'll save money! Unless it's a Hummer and you want to trade it in for a Prius or something, or if it's costing so much in repairs that a new car would actually save money, there's no way that buying something like a car will save you anything at all! It's the worst kind of fake math there is! I don't know what bugs me more, the advertisers, or the stupid, blind, rationalizing people that believe them.

I'm not going to re-read this because I'm edit a whole bunch of stuff, so here is my annoyance blog, raw and real.


Benjamin said...

Um ... sorry.

And, incidentally, I think you're beautiful.

If you weren't engaged, I'd marry you.

P.S. They sent me home early, so I would be fresher tonight. I got no sleep last night, had to open, was grumpy and worthless.

Mara said...

Aww, Ben, thank you, but you're ruining my bad mood!

Benjamin said...

And I said noon. I wemt ot lunch at noon, looking around all the time for you. Didn't see you. Became depressed. Snapped at Latte Thunder.. Told him mto bugger off. Which will pleae you, I'[m sure. Went to lunch. Came back. And ws told to go home and return later for the overnight thingy. Never saw you. I, too, was annoyed! So there! NBo editing!

Mara said...

well, I wasn't off work that early, sorry. And I wasn't annoyed with *you*, just with circumstance.