Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm back...

to the land of blog! A troubling combination of business and computer problems have kept me from my little journal, but have no fears; tonight I can post anew.

I saw my old friend Erin this weekend, up from Austin where the people are better-read and the grocery stores are cooler-- apparently it's the HQ of Whole Foods and they have a huge one down there. Erin--get this--has actually met my hero, the food-network guru Alton Brown. He's one of the few people that I'd get really exited about meeting face-to-face. He's like the Bill Nye of food! Erin and I are going to open a restaurant one of these days, when we raise a little capital.

I also went to my work-friend Kristin's graduation party Saturday night, which was a lot smaller than I anticipated. It was fun in a laid-back kind of way. All the guys there but one were gay, which was kind of funny. My unknowingly flirting a little with one of them was funny. I mean, my non-knowlege of his being gay, not my non-knowlege of the flirting. Right. But he was someone that I knew from way back (freshman year) and he was "in the closet" then.... and so I'm not the most observant person in the room either. I mean, I didn't realize that he'd brought his boyfriend to the party... it was very British-comedy for a while there.

Sunday D and I saw Pride and Prejudice. It was really good! The only thing I think they botched a little was the passage of time; things that take weeks or months to occur in the book seem to just follow one another much too quickly. For example, in the book a long time and a lot of inner growth, personal reflection, and letter-re-reading take place between the two proposal scenes. In the movie it was more like:

Mr. Darcy: "I love you. Will you marry me?"

Elizabeth: "No! You're despicable!"

Next scene

Mr. Darcy: "I still love you. Will you marry me?"

Elizabeth: "Yes! I was so wrong about you!"

They don't give Elizabeth the time and reflection that it would reasonably take to change her mind so dramatically. And they cut some development that would have helped the movie flow by casting Mr. D in a darker light to begin with; it's too easy to see in the movie that he's being misunderstood. But I'm nit-picking; the movie's really good generally. The casting is great and I seem to have developed a crush on Mr. Darcy.

Today totally sucked at work but I'm not going to get into it. The good thing about posting late at night is that my work-day seems far away now, like a bad dream. Let it drift away into the night...

And, I broke the celibacy barrier on saturday!!!!!! (she cheers with happiness and relief.) With a little help from my friend of course (that being my D, not Ringo) My longest-ever period of sex-free living has past! Unless you count those first 17 years, which I don't. Even if another couple of months go by, it's good knowing that normalcy can be restored. But that's private stuff, even for the blog. ....

So! Anyways. Right. I'm going to bed. To sleep.


Benjamin said...

Glad you're back!

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