Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gingerbread cynic

I decided not to post again until I had something to say other than whining about work. Time to get over it, Mara, work sucks and it pretty much always will. Otherwise they'd call it "lying on a beach working on the tan" and not "work".

I'm baking cookies right now (chocolate chip, of course) for my co-worker who wanted them; the whole apartment smells so good. My sinus-headache is finally clearing up again-- is it just me, or has this become a real problem? I think I'm going to go back and read my blog from the beginning, doing a sinus-headache count, seeing how often I mention it. I was watching Food Network with D earlier today which is so dangerous this time of year. I am now seized with the desire to make an absolutely amazing gingerbread house, really decked out. I can just see it; gables in the roof, chimney, yellow-glass windows and lots of snow... I must get a grip. I've got no call to make something like that; maybe I'll make some gingerbread men instead to get rid of this bug. Cute little guys with M&M buttons.

As always I'm disgusted by the cynicism and shallowness of the so-called "holiday season", I could make a grinch-like list of the issues I have with it but instead I will just take advantage of the baking opportunities and the charitable ones, and ignore all the rest of the jazz. I love being Jewish and being able to ignore the whole shtick.

"Actually, I don't celebrate Christmas..."
"Really?!" (insert gaping, disbelieving expression here) Fun stuff.

It's time now to change the water for the tank, my usual Sunday adventure; to the hoses! To the bowl! To the bright blue algae-scrubbing brush! And to think the whole aquarium was D's idea. Lets see, the last time he cleaned it would be, hmmm. Yeah. Ohhh, gingerbread fishies! I think I need a new cookie-cutter...

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Benjamin said...

Can you make a gingerbread Bilbo Baggins?