Friday, December 23, 2005

Peace on earth,

or at least in here. I have the next three days off-- tomorrow, Sunday (obviously) and we're closed Monday in observance (?) of Christmas. As much as I disdain the whole X-mas hoopla, I dig the time off, man. I almost don't know what to do with myself-- extra money and time both! Gosh. Too bad you can't bank time.

Alice woke us up bright and early with, er, "digestive problems". I don't know where she got them, but we took her outside four times between 5 in the morning and 8, when I had to leave for work. Work- what a crazy place! Why would anybody wait until the 23rd of December to go to the bank for Christmas presents? "Whatdya mean, ya don't have Visa gift cards?" (special X-mas cash envelopes, brand-spankin'-new crispy bills, etc, etc) The bank is not a store at which you buy presents for people! It's just a bank! We don't order new money for Christmas! And we had to wear silly santa hats that were itchy! Anyways. That's all over now. Deep calming breath. Right.

Alice seems to be fine now. Strict kibble diet, that's what she needs. No steak bones, no pizza crusts, nada. Nothing but kibble for you, missy, until you prove that you can handle the good stuff. We really do seem to be missing a fish from the aquarium, one of the cory cats. Every time I feed them I only count three. Did he die? Did Cathy get him? It's a mystery. Fish floating at the top of the tank is not a mystery, but fish disappearing completely? weird. This is the second time it's happened. My theory is that the fish (which is generally on the bottom of the tank) dies, then floats to the top, where the cat scoops him out. She would be no match for a live one and these are bottom feeders anyways....seems the most logical solution.

I called my parents and told them about the super-jumbo check from Grandma and dad thinks it's ok, that she's probably just trying to unload some dough, but he's going to mention it to her when they talk next, and also see what Phillip's and KK's are, to make sure that she didn't make a mistake or something. I really sorta wanted to just deposit it quietly in my account, know. Off to bed where I can sleep in! For three days!


Benjamin said...

How big is the missing fish? What kind is it? A Cory Cat? Where would your cat hide the bones if it snatched the floating fish carcass out of the tank? This is an intriguing mystery.

Benjamin said...

You're very fair about the whole money/gift thing, too. A lot of people would have just quietly deposited it, as you said.

Mara said...

The missing fish is only about an inch long, so the cat could have eaten the whole thing; plus in our apartment an inch-long fish skeleton could be anywhere, and the dog would eat something like that if the cat didn't. As for the money, it's my grandma! what else can I do?

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