Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Walking in the Texas sleet

Wow.... we're finally getting some winter weather. I'm wearing my Vermont coat! Well, not right this moment because I'm inside, but to work this morning. Very nice. I wish I could be all smug and caustic about the weather.... "Cold? Ya'll don't know nuthin' 'bout cold. Vermont, 20 below zero... that's cold! This isn't nuthin at all, you wusses!" But I can't do that anymore. First of all, anything below zero feels about the same even if the numbers sound impressive (right, Becca?), and because I do feel cold now. This Texas weather, it comes with wind, a chill that makes 30 degrees get to you. Maybe we get used to being 80 degrees all the time and it's the shock that makes it so cold, I don't know.

Anyways. I can still make fun of Texans driving on the sleet that we're going to get. hehehe.

Instead of scheduling a key and a combo to open this morning as always, the powers that be scheduled Kristin and myself, and we're both keys. We can't open any part of the vault without the combination and we had to call someone out of her warm bed, on her day off, to come open the vault. Poor girl. Not a great start to the day, really. Work has gotten wierd lately, with gossip and drama and factions and stuff. Not my cup of tea at all. I find myself lately missing some of the guys that I used to work with at the restaurant. They were a fun, interesting bunch, and sexy. Not to mention uncomplicated and unpolitical. Working with so many girls really sucks sometimes.

I also think that I've developed a real preference for a certain type of guy, the kind of guy who wears a toolbelt and does stuff with it. They're just so attractive! I think that D was the very first manifestation of this thing. I guess it's because in college I was surrounded by guys who talked all the time and were full so full of themselves and their ideas and didn't do jack shit; who's idea of work was hitting the gym or being a teacher's aide. All those nice blue-collar guys at the hotel were like a breath of fresh air...that I'm still breathing. Still flirting with all those tool-belt guys..

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