Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days; the more I have to say, the less time I have to say it! It's been so busy at work lately, with everybody out sick. Another girl has come up pregnant, adding weight to my contagious-pregnancy theory. I'm giving both 0f them plenty of space for now, just in case...

Saturday, D and I went to Walmart. It has to be one of the dumbest ideas we've ever had, going to Walmart, on a Saturday...the week before Christmas...it was awful. And of course they didn't have what I needed. I hate that place, honestly. But to save 10 bucks off a computer game I'll try anything.

Sunday, my little brother and I spent the whole day making a gingerbread house (pictures to follow when I find the little cord that connects the camera to the computer!) with gables, and real candy windows, and a big chimney made of maple-nuts. Mmm, gingerbread. mmm.

Yesterday D, got a holiday bonus check from his workand he took me out to dinner to celebrate. It must be nice to be a manager and get nice bonus checks! It will make up all the money we've leached out of his savings accout to cover medical bills etc over the last quarter. The Cheesecake Factory was surprisingly crowded-- we had to wait 25 minutes for a table on a Monday night! I kind of forgot about the whole pre-Christmas going-out-thing. It was so good though. Worth the wait. Mmm cheesecake! Mmm bonus check. Wish I was getting one of those myself!


So, it's only been an hour and already things are new. It appears that D spent his day off from work cleaning the apartment; it's all vaccuumed and tidy. I love that man. He's at a work-party-thing now, so I'm here listening to Mozart, eating cheesecake, and blogging in a clean, peaceful apartment. On the dining-room table with the mail was a card from Grandma for my birthday (I guess she's a little ahead of herself; my birthday is next month) with a check for birthday/Chanukah combined. And.....wow. I won't say how much it is because that would be crass, but if you took my monthly expenses and tripled them....that's what the check is. I'm bowled over. I have an urge to check with the other grandkids to make sure she didn't give me like, all the Chanukah money or something on accident. I mean I know she can afford it and all, but it's so much just for birthday/Chanukah. More like what you'd give for a wedding or Bat Mitzvah or something. This will take all of my budgeting and saving goals for the next year and jump-start them like crazy. Wow. (still bowled over, give me a minute.) Well, here are the pictures of the gingerbread house:


Benjamin said...

Congratualtions on all the ackers/cash/moolah/do-re-mi, etc.

And it looks like you worked really hard on that extravagant gingerbread house. I'm impressed!

Benjamin said...
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Mara said...


Benjamin said...
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