Monday, January 02, 2006

New things

D and I re-arranged the living room really for the first time tonight. For two years we haven't been making good use of the space but buying the chair (The Chair) forced us into moving everything around. It's so much better this way! And we got a new rug, so that we can put the other one in the dining area in an attempt to keep the carpet clean. We have room for The Chair, and we got the Wobbly Five-Legged Horror of a coffee table out of the garage (propped up with a shoebox). The only traumatic part was moving the aquarium; the fish seemed really freaked out, especially the tetras, which turned completely white/clear and lost their blood-red finspot for about an hour. The dogs got really nervous too-- they hate it when D cleans! It usually means that they've done something bad, like shred the bathroom trash or barfed on the rug. They associate cleaning with bad-dog-edness.

I bought frozen organic strawberries, blueberries, and mango bits, and yogurt, flax-seeds, and cranberry juice. Tomorrow I shall begin making smoothies to fufill my New Years nutritional goal. Mmm, cranberry-blueberry smoothie! yeah! Must make dinner now (tortellini in a box, easy-peasy) dry my work clothes, shower and bed.


Benjamin said...

Mmmmm. Smoothies. Wonderfully delicious and so good for you. And I hope that rug really ties the room together. Just don't let any nihilists pee on it.

"Where's the money Lebowski?!"

Mara said...

Mm, right. Actually the rug covers a lot of pet stains and will prevent further damage to the carpet. But it is pretty.

Marie said...

lol I love that movie! Steve Buscemi is sekushii.

I also love Ikea^_^