Monday, January 09, 2006

Desk in progress!

I decided not to post again until I was feeling better, so that it wouldn't just be "still sick....feel awful..." Well, the Blearghiness has lessened somewhat and I'm myself again, almost ready to go back to work. Great news...D has pretty much finished the desk that I started back in September. He bought a table saw and knocked the drawers out, and got everything painted and varnished. It just needs drawer pulls and it's done! How exiting. As soon as it's in the apartment I'll take pictures and post. KK got us a mini-carpet shampooer for Chanukah. Not a "fun" present but something that we really, really needed and asked for. It's nice to have one with all the dog problems we have. It turns out that Alice has been munching the leaves of the mildly poisonous arrowhead and vomiting them back up on the rug, rinse and repeat. It's on top of the bookcase now, but WTF? They must taste like crap, why would she keep eating them? Silly puppy. The little cleaner does wonders on the stains and stuff.

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Benjamin said...

It's good to know you're feeling less blearghy. I'm looking forward to the pics of the desk.

Poor Alice.

Alice in Chunderland.