Saturday, January 14, 2006

pep rally ickyness

Budget, smudget, right? I got paid yesterday and went directly to Central Market and splurged on lots of stuff. Tilapia filets, produce, cheddar jalepeno bread, an adorable little pecan pie. We had a really good dinner last night though!

Today really kind of sucked. Had to work 8:30 to 3:30, then go to this horrible pep rally from 4 till 7. It was regional and huge. Thousands of bank tellers et cetera in a warehouse-type room; projection screens, disco lights, heavy metal music.... the Big Cheeses get on stage, bounce around, and shout about stuff. We have recognition for everybody and clap till our hands hurt. They play inspirational clips from Miracle; Friday Night Lights; Hoosiers; Rocky....need I go on? The inherent problem with this is that all sports movies are about an underdog coming out on top for once, and we're not the underdog. In the banking industry, we're the Soviet hockey team, the Dallas Carter team, the big mean guys that beat up Rocky. We're not an underdog by any definition. So how can these movies inspire us? If anything they should scare the crap out of us instead, that the other guys are going to get us. I'd think that was their goal if any of these guys had showed that kind of understanding. They very generously supplied chips, Chex mix, soda and really hideous T-shirts. The best part is even though we get paid for the rally, the holiday makes it so that we can't get overtime for it. So I'll have 43 hours on my paycheck but no overtime! sweet. Of course that won't include the driving time to get downtown and back; I didn't get home till well after 8.

Ah well, enough bitching about that for now! I have two days off in a row and Tuesday is my birthday, so hah! A quarter-century old! I'm really getting somewhere. My mom and little brother are on a wilderness Boy Scout campout in Colorado, so my dad is all on his own for the weekend, poor guy. I'm eating breakfast over there tomorrow.

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