Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Day Off

What a boring day! But in a nice way. Not soul-drainingly boring like work, or like being unemployed; just a nice sort of "hey, I have nothing to do today" sort of peaceful boring. Well, it's time to come out and say it....Earl has died. It actually happened a couple of days ago; I came home from work and found out from D. Poor little guy, I guess it was his time. He'd been looking kinda ragged for ages now. Earl was a good fish. Because platys are schooling fish, I went out today and bought some more, so that Speeder doesn't suffer from having no school. Now we have three red-wag platys. Speeder, Earl Junior, and Decaf. These names are a work in progress to be discussed with D when he returns from the looting and plundering that is his job. (Because today in my mind he will be a pirate. A pirate with an aquarium; but not on his shoulder, because that would really hurt what with his dislocated discs and all. Even if he weren't injured it would look kinda strange. If I were a ship captain back in the day, I wouldn't have a parrot, I'd have a cat or two. So that they could eat any rats on the ship which would be good.)

Where was I now? Ah yes. Now I am watching the tank trying to figure out if Speeder is schooling with his new tank buddies. It's hard to tell so far. All the grass-type plants that I planted in November seem to be spreading and making new plants, which is so cool. I think I'm going to stop vaccuuming the gravel and just let the grass take over.

It's almost eight at night and there is no dinner; I should go to the store but I've been obsessively working on my jigsaw puzzle. I don't know where the afternoon went! It's only about half done, too. Tomorrow I have to go back to work, but I intend to tell my boss that she can consider me officially interested in the teller coordinator position so it might me an interesting day.


Benjamin said...

Who needs TWO cats when one incredibly FAT one (like mine) can enough rats for ten?

Marie said...

If granola bars and cheese flavored crackers had four legs and a tail, my cats would be the best hunters ever.

And happy very late birthday to you, Mara.

Benjamin said...


When are you going to update? Curious minds want to know...